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Products that meet you and your body exactly where you are—from birth to postpartum to breastfeeding.
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Care For Birth Box

Complete care package for new parents, from birth recovery to breastfeeding

$105 Sold Out

Scheduled C-Section Birth Box

The complete care package for a Scheduled C: recovery, postpartum and breastfeeding

$145 Sold Out

Multiple colors

The So Easy Bra

A 24/7 pulldown maternity and nursing bra you'll want to live in

$45 Sold Out

Multiple colors

The All-In Panty: 3-Pack

The most comfortable postpartum & C-section panty, now in a 3-pack

$36 Sold Out

Multiple colors

The Everything Bra

An ultra-soft 24/7 maternity-to-nursing bra

$48 Sold Out

Multiple colors

Always-On Nursing Tank

Finally: An all-day and all-night nursing tank you’ll never want to take off

$58 Sold Out

Mesh Undies: 3-pack

Bye bye hospital threads. Hello boyshorts.

$11 Sold Out

The Postpartum Recovery Bundle

Bundle of postpartum multi-pack must-haves

$25 Sold Out

Care For Birth: The Gift Box

The ultimate care package: soft solutions for birth recovery, postpartum and breastfeeding

$115 Sold Out

Cozy Socks

Grippy socks made for pregnancy, postpartum and parenting

$14 Sold Out

Breast Pads: 5-Pairs

Soft, organic & reusable nursing pads

$18 Sold Out

The Do Anything Bra

Soft and silky support while pumping, nursing, and doing you

$58 Sold Out

Multiple colors


Breastfeeding 101 filled with soft and organic solutions

$90 Sold Out

Multiple colors


Birth recovery kit: natural vaginal delivery solutions

$95 Sold Out

Nip Duo

The perfect solution to hydrate and protect sensitive skin organically

$25 Sold Out

Post-Labor Self Care Set

Essentials that soothe, cool and care for your most tender spots after vaginal delivery

$45 Sold Out


Birth recovery kit: thoughtful C-section solutions

$90 Sold Out

Multiple colors

Belly Band

Essential postpartum and C-section abdominal support

$50 Sold Out

The All-In Panty: 5-Pack

The most comfortable postpartum & C-section panty, now in a 5-pack

$54 Sold Out

Multiple colors


For when your nipples need TLC.

$48 Sold Out

Belly Support

Postpartum Panty and Belly Band bundle: support no matter what type of delivery

$60 Sold Out

Multiple colors

The Insider Panty

As chic as they are practical.

$18 Sold Out

Multiple colors

Nip Nourish - 1oz

Effective and soothing plant-based moisture

$12.50 Sold Out

Nip Protect - 1oz

Plant-based alternative to lanolin

$15 Sold Out

The Work From Anywhere Set

Your on-the-go essentials for nursing and pumping

$135 Sold Out

Multiple colors

Bodily Nursing and Pumping Cape

Privacy and warmth while pumping or nursing just got a chic upgrade

$35 Sold Out

The All-In Panty

Postpartum and C-section panty with sublime comfort and cheeky coverage

$14 Sold Out

Multiple colors

The Back-At-It Bra (S and M)

A luxurious nursing bra for feeling like you again

$55 Sold Out

Multiple colors

Peri Wash Bottle

An upside-down spray bottle to take the sting out of going to the bathroom

$15 Sold Out

Bodily Milk Cooler Bag

Travel with breastmilk in style... and appropriately cooled

$18 Sold Out

Lansinoh Cooling Gel Pads

$9 Sold Out

Lansinoh Nipple Shield

$7 Sold Out

You're Doing Great Water Bottle

The message every new parent needs

$25 Sold Out

Pass the #BirthBaton and Donate

Give a gift with meaning - donate in honor of someone you love

$20 Sold Out

Guidebooks to Postpartum Recovery

All the answers you and your supporter will need — right at your fingertips.

$7 Sold Out

The Insider Bra (XS / Almond)

Comfort + ease with this pull-down maternity and nursing bra

$45 Sold Out

Kendall Long Sleeve Nursing Tee (S and M)

Hidden zippers for nursing and soft Peruvian cotton

$110 Sold Out

Cordelia Postpartum Pant (S and M)

Hidden elastic waist band for an easy fit

$88 Sold Out

Lia Knit Nursing Top (L and XL)

Knit top with zipper for breastfeeding and pumping

$98 Sold Out

Shannon Graphic Print Soft Nursing Top (S and M)

Soft collar relaxed fit top with concealed zippers

$96 Sold Out

Cybelle Boxy Nursing Shirtdress (S)

A nurse or pump anywhere dress with a relaxed fit

$125 Sold Out

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