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*Actually helpful* new-parent products that check all the boxes: birth recovery, breastfeeding, self-care and more.
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Scheduled C-Section Box

The Care For Birth Box *PLUS* a Belly Band for your Scheduled-C


Care for Birth Box

Complete care package for new parents, from birth recovery to breastfeeding


The Everything Cover

Cloud-like coverage for the hospital, home, on the go, and *everything* in between


Multiple colors

The All-In Panty: 3-Pack

The most comfortable maternity to postpartum & C-section panty, now in a 3-pack

$48 $38

Multiple colors


For when your nipples need TLC


Lactation Latte: 2-Pack

22 servings of delicious daily lactation support you can feel good about

$68 $59

The Stages of Breastfeeding: 3-Pack

A bundle that makes Bodily's Stages of Breastfeeding as easy as 1-2-3, featuring a bra for each stage


You Deserve This: The Eye Mask

A daily reminder to prioritize the much-needed rest you deserve


Cozy Socks: Grey

Grippy socks made for pregnancy, postpartum and parenting


Remembrance Bracelet (Single)

A symbol of strength to memorialize pregnancy loss


Lactation Latte: 3-Pack

Over a month’s supply of delicious daily lactation support you can feel good about

$102 $88.50

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