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body fluency for all

It’s not always easy, or pretty.
We’re here to make change
as good as it gets.

We believe that when it comes to women’s bodies and the physical changes they experience, the things that no one talks about are the ones that need the most attention.

There are so many shared physiological experiences that happen to our bodies that we simply don’t talk about. Women especially are left to face these critical experiences without:

Essentials For Your Body

Through evidence-based research and design-led products, we make solutions available for living confidently in our bodies with an initial focus on birth and pregnancy recovery, and breastfeeding.

Access for Everyone

We are for pregnant people and for partners, for family and employers, for the curious and the novice — equity requires everyone to participate.

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  • "Bodily’s care boxes... bring a fresh, modern and researched-driven experience to outdated and substandard product areas."
  • "Everything you need after giving birth now comes in one single box. If you’re buying a gift for a friend or family member... Bodily will deliver"
  • "Bodily... postpartum recovery kits designed in partnership with medical professionals and lactation consultants."