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Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy loss is common. We have the information and tools to help you and your supporters understand, navigate and cope with pregnancy loss.
8 products

Mesh Underwear: 5-Pack

Support and comfort for bleeding during loss


The Belly Band

Abdominal support for C-section recovery


Support Book for Pregnancy Loss

Evidence-based pocket guide for those who experience loss and their supporters


Care For Miscarriage Box

Designed to provide comfort and care through miscarriage


Maxi Pads (14-pack)

Heavy-duty maxi pads for bleeding after miscarriage or stillbirth


Care For Stillbirth Box

Physical and emotional support for loss experienced 20 weeks + after


Remembrance Bracelet (Single)

A symbol of strength to memorialize pregnancy loss


The Recovery Latte: Restore

Refocus on yourself with our turmeric latte


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