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The Everything Bra

The Everything Bra

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Meet your everything - a Stage 1 clip-down bra that gives you gentle 24/7 support from maternity through breastfeeding (and beyond).

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There’s a reason it’s our best seller: This Stage 1 bra is so comfortable you won’t want to take it off. And you don’t have to. Designed with a lactation expert, this bra can be worn around-the-clock from pregnancy all the way through your breastfeeding journey.

Our signature five-row back closure and easy-to-reach strap sliders give extra adjustability for the perfect fit through your body's size changes. As milk supply regulates in the early days of breastfeeding, many people experience major fluctuations and heightened sensitivity, so we designed this bra to provide the ultimate in comfort with barely-there support, ultra-soft OEKO-TEX fabric, and a stretchy scoop neck that gives breasts room to breathe.

Named 'Best Maternity Bra' by InStyle

'Most Comfortable Nursing Sleep Bra' by WhatToExpect

'Most Comfortable Postpartum Bra' by Women's Health

"This bra feels like boob clouds. It’s the softest, gentlest bra and undie I’ve ever worn made by one of my favorite companies" - Brooklyn Decker (Actor and Bodily Advisor)

Styled with the All-In Panty

Details & Features

  • One-handed, clip-down easy nursing access (elastic neckline can also pull down for immediate access, which can be helpful in the early days)
  • Breathable, ultra-soft, super-stretchy OEKO-TEX fabric
  • Straps that adjust in the front for cup fluctuations
  • Signature five-row back closure for band size changes
  • Wide, longline underbust band for light support with no points of constriction
  • Wider straps for sizes L & XL for comfort
  • Developed with a lactation consultant to optimize breast health from pregnancy through every stage of breastfeeding and beyond
  • Developed with an IBCLC to optimize breast health, even in Stage 1 (months 0-3), when the risk of breastfeeding complications is highest


Is the Everything Bra supportive?:  

It offers minimal support by design. Traditional support can be restrictive and compressive. In Stage 1 of breastfeeding, when engorgement and fluctuations are most common, it's important not to have any acute points of constriction to avoid issues like clogged ducts and mastitis.

What does Stage 1 of breastfeeding mean?:  

We worked with an IBCLC lactation expert to break breastfeeding into three Stages, based on your body’s needs across the journey. Stage 1 covers the early days of feeding, months 0-3.

Can I wear The Everything Bra in all stages?:  

Yes. Because it has zero points of constriction and offers super-stretchy coverage, it’s safe to wear 24/7 through every stage, even for sleeping. And our ultra-soft material makes it comfortable enough that you’ll want to, from pregnancy to postpartum and beyond.

Is sizing different during pregnancy?:  

No. This bra was designed with lots of stretch to flex as your ribcage and cup size expand during pregnancy and early breastfeeding, so our size guide is the same for pregnancy and postpartum. That said, if you’re in between sizes while pregnant, size up. If you’re in between sizes in the first 6 months of breastfeeding, size down.

Why aren't pads included?

In Stage 1, we don’t recommend fixed or structured padding. During this time, the risk of experiencing common breastfeeding ailments is at its highest. If you are looking for coverage that padding provides, we highly recommend utilizing solutions like nursing pads. Our Low Profile Breast Pads were designed exactly for this – because they are not fixed and against your breast, they provide mobility that is necessary when experiencing engorgement. While fixed padding is not optimized for Stage 1, if you do prefer coverage with a more built-in feel, we designed a slit on each side for you to insert your own padding.

Size Guide

Your rib-cage and cup size may increase over the course of pregnancy, and even more in the first few months of breastfeeding. The Everything Bra was designed to have flex upwards in both band and cup size to accommodate the normal fluctuations that many people experience in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

If you are pregnant and in between two sizes, we recommend sizing up.

If you are in your first 6 months of breastfeeding and in between sizes, we recommend selecting the smaller size.

Materials & Care

  • Materials: OEKO-TEX 49% Viscose; 43% Micromodal; 8% Elastane
  • Care: Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle. Do not Bleach. Line dry. Low Iron
  • Designed in NYC and manufactured in China.


  • Eligible for return within 30 days of receipt.
  • All individual products need to be unopened and unworn with Bodily tags attached and original packaging included.
  • We do not accept partial returns of our sets, multi-packs, or bundles.
  • Our full return and shipping policy is here.
  • For questions on fit or sizing, email us at
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  • Named 'Best Maternity Nursing Bra' by The Bump

  • Named 'Most Comfortable Postpartum Bra' by Women's Health

  • Named 'Most Comfortable Nursing Sleep Bra' by WhatToExpect

  • Named 'Best Maternity Bra' by InStyle

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How to choose a bra that optimizes your breast health.

Months 0-3 Postpartum

In Stage 1, you will likely experience major fluctuations as your body adapts to increasing levels of milk production. This is when breasts are most likely to get engorged and the associated risks of clogged ducts and mastitis is highest.


All-day and sleeping:
No bra or a super stretchy, non-compressive bra, like The Everything Bra or The Effortless Bra

For pumping or more support:
You can wear a more structured bra—like The So Easy Bra or The Do Anything Bra—for 3 hours or less.

Months 3-6 Postpartum

In Stage 2, your breasts are still adjusting to lactation, but fluctuations are less extreme. This means the frequency of engorgement decreases so you can introduce a bit of support in your all-day bra.


You can introduce more shape and support as long as it still stretches with fluctuations — like The So Easy Bra or Back At It Bra.

For sleeping:
If you are lactating, you should always go back to a Stage 1 Bra — like The Everything Bra or The Effortless Bra — or no bra at night when breasts are most full.

For pumping or more support:
You can wear a more structured bra — like The Do Anything Bra — for 3 hours or less.

Months 6+ Postpartum

In Stage 3, your breasts have adjusted more and fluctuate less. The fat content of your milk also increases and the rate of your baby's growth slows, so feeding may be less frequent. With that, the risk of complications is much lower (but not zero), so it's safe to wear a bra with more support during the day.


You can wear a more structured bra — like The Do Anything Bra — as long as you pump or nurse every 3-4 hours to avoid engorgement.

For sleeping:
If you are lactating, you should always go back to a Stage 1 bra — like The Everything Bra or The Effortless Bra — or no bra at night when breasts are most full.


While pregnant, the bra you wear comes down to comfort. Only once you are lactating does your bra impact breast health. Until birth, wear what feels good.

Bodily Tip: During pregnancy, the balance of support and stretch in our Stage 2 bra — The So Easy Bra — is an ideal combination to maximize comfort through your bodily changes.

Did You Know?

Most common breastfeeding issues are linked to the bras we wear. But wearing a bra that you like shouldn't expose you to features that can negatively impact milk supply, or potentially increase risk of clogged ducts and mastitis. That's why we created a system for selecting bras that makes it easy to optimize for breast health (check out The Stages of Breastfeeding for choosing a nursing bra that's right for you), and designed all of our bras together with a lactation consultant.

Guidance from our IBCLC

How to Choose a Nursing Bra:
Unsure of what kind of nursing is right for you and your body? Want to make sure that you are reducing factors that potentially contribute to clogged ducts and mastitis as much as possible? Check out our easy guide to choosing the right bra here. We've made it as easy as 1-2-3.