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Our Lactation Lattes are a delicious daily ritual, packed with organic lactation superfoods to support you in breastfeeding. These blends contain four galactagogues and are vegan, plant-based, and free from soy, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, fenugreek, and brewer's yeast.

Clean ingredients. Delicious taste. Nourishing functional foods to incorporate into your daily ritual.

Lactation Latte


A rich and decadent-yet-clean mix for a daily lactogenic boost you and your mug will crave.

"Seriously I am addicted to this product, it tastes amazing. I will definitely be ordering more and in the cacao flavor as well!" - Dr. Mae Hughes (@dr.maehughes)

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Lactation Latte

Spiced Vanilla

A tasty blend of warming flavors for a highly-sippable daily dose of lactogenic deliciousness.

"Wow, the spiced vanilla is AMAZING. I’ve been adding it to my coffee every morning and it’s delicious!!!"
- Courtney Miller, RN, IBCLC (@thebetterboob)

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Our most versatile flavor, offering a hint of natural, creamy sweetness while letting the taste of your drink or dish shine through.

“Best lactation latte ever. Super delicious.”
- Deysi C.

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You've Got This

The Feeding Journey Looks Different For Everyone

In feeding our infants, no path is better than another, and none is perfect. For most people, there are ups and downs from the moment your baby is born until they transition to solid food. It's common to get swept up in anxiety and concern - even if evidence shows us there's no reason to be.

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Evidence-Based & Delivers on Taste

WTF is a galactagogue?

Galactagogues are ingredients that support the production of breast milk. Our recipe includes four: Oats, Shatavari, Moringa, and Goat’s Rue.

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How to make it

Lattes Your Way

Add a serving of Lactation Lattes to coffee, hot water or milk. If you desire, pour over ice for an iced latte. Mix into oatmeal, smoothies, cookies, and more for functional food that delivers on taste.

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Recovery Latte


A warming turmeric blend known to nourish and nurture a healing body from the inside out. Originally from Southeast Asia and called Turmeric Milk; in the USA this is known as Golden Milk. Either way, we call it Recovery In a Cup.

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