The Bodily Select

At Bodily, all of our offerings are backed by intensive research. We scoured the market, evaluated countless nursing and postpartum styles and honed in on this curated collection of versatile, functional and style-forward clothing ideal for your post-baby body and breastfeeding— we call it The Bodily Select.

Whether you are going back to work and want pieces that look great and also allow easy access for pumping (without needing to fully undress!) or are eager to get back to feeling like you while nursing, The Bodily Select is the wardrobe that will help you get back to it in comfort and style.

 - With love from Bodily -

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Kendall Long Sleeve Nursing Tee

Ultra versatile loose, comfy tee with hidden zippers for easy access

$110 Sold Out

Cybelle Boxy Nursing Shirtdress

An everywhere nurse + pump dress, ideal for your post-babe bod and oh-so-easy-access

$125 Sold Out

Shannon Graphic Print Soft Nursing Top

A soft, versatile top with concealed zipper for easy nursing or pumping access

$96 Sold Out

Bodily Nursing and Pumping Cape

Privacy while pumping or nursing just got a chic upgrade

$35 Sold Out

Cordelia Postpartum Pant

Feel confident and comfortable in these high-style pants with a hidden elastic waist

$88 Sold Out

Lia Knit Nursing Top

Back to work? We got you. Pump while still dressed in this chic slim top

$98 Sold Out

Gemma Easy Nursing Tee

Your not-so-basic basic tee. Slim fit and smart

$68 Sold Out

Bodily Milk Transport Cooler

Travel with breastmilk in style... and appropriately cooled

$27 Sold Out

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