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C-Kit C-Kit C-Kit C-Kit C-Kit The All-In Panty - Soft Grey The All-In Panty - Black The All-In Panty - Soft Grey Mesh Undies The Insider Panty - Black The Insider Panty - Black The Insider Panty - Almond C-Kit
The All-In Panty - Soft Grey

The All-In Panty - Soft Grey

The All-In Panty - Black

The All-In Panty - Black

The All-In Panty - Soft Grey

The All-In Panty - Soft Grey

Mesh Undies

Mesh Undies

The Insider Panty - Black

The Insider Panty - Black

The Insider Panty - Black

The Insider Panty - Black

The Insider Panty - Almond

The Insider Panty - Almond



Birth recovery kit: thoughtful C-section solutions

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This curated kit has all the essentials to support healing in the days and weeks after a cesarean birth, from postpartum bleeding to incision care.

“I love that you’re doing this for c-sections… postpartum care is almost nonexistent!”

Size Guide


Model in the Soft Grey panty is wearing an XL and typically wears a dress size 16.


MESH UNDIES: Confirmed to fit comfortably from size zero to size 24 (60 inch waist). 
If you are outside of this range and would like to confirm fit, please contact us at


Mesh Undies: These ultra-stretchy washable mesh underwear are all you'll want to wear in the first few weeks postpartum. Unlike the standard hospital issue version, these are made as a black boyshort, because feeling like yourself is important... even when you're recovering from birth and pregnancy. 

The All-In Panty: Made of soft OKEO-Tex micro-modal, this high waist panty is perfect for c-sections. Soft and stretchy where your incision is, but with subtle support sitting slightly above the belly button, Bodily's postpartum panties are the ultimate transitional underwear that you'll actually continue to wear long after recovery is over. The All-In Panty offers the same high-waist for abdominal support and c-section coverage, and wide gusset to accommodate maxi pads as the Insider Panty, but with a slightly cheekier back.

The Insider Panty: Make your Insider Bra a set with the Insider Panty, designed in collaboration with our friends at Only Hearts.  Like the All-In panty, this sits high on the waist slightly above the belly button offering c-section coverage, and a wide gusset to accommodate maxi pads. Available in three color combinations, The Insider Panty has slightly more cheek coverage, sits only just above the belly button.

What's Included

Did you know your abdominal muscles can take months to regain strength after pregnancy and birth?
A soft core in recovery is reality — our Belly Band is designed to keep you feeling supported and confident in the transition. Whether to reduce discomfort after a C-section or feel held together, our Belly Band tucks discreetly under clothes and modulates compression to where it feels best.

Did you know that healing a C-section wound generally takes six to eight weeks?
We created our high-rise panty so you (and your incision) are covered in those weeks of recovery after birth.  Our soft and stretchy panty is designed for your body as it transforms through postpartum and avoids hitting your incision, giving it the time and comfort to heal.

Mesh Undies (3)
These mesh boyshort undies are super stretchy and oh-so-comfortable. (Yes, you read that right — boyshorts). They’ll keep everything — including ice packs and giant maxi pads — contained.
Giant Maxi Pads (14)
Speaking of maxi pads — regular pads won’t work when it comes to postpartum bleeding. They just weren't designed for the extremely heavy flow. These super absorbent and soft pads are exactly what's needed in the weeks after birth.
Stool Softener (10)
A bit of preventative care in the form of stool softener will ease the complications that come with postpartum constipation. (Consult your doctor first.)

Our guidebooks provide you with the essential information you need to be prepared for birth and postpartum recovery. We want your support system to be able to help however they can, so we also made one for them with step-by-step instructions. While babies still don’t come with instruction manuals, finally birth recovery does!

Materials & Care

Designed by Bodily in NYC and manufactured in Taiwan
Materials: 71% Nylon, 22% Polyester, 5% Spandex, 2% Rubber
Care: Hand wash in cold water. Hang to dry.

Designed by Bodily in NYC and manufactured in Turkey
Materials and Care: OKEO-TEX certified textile made of 93% Micromodal, 7% Elastane.
Care: Machine Wash Warm. Low tumble dry. Do not iron.

An exclusive collaboration by Only Hearts & Bodily, designed and manufactured in NYC
Materials: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex.
Care: Hand wash in cold water. Do not bleach. Dry flat. Cool iron.


  • The Everything Bra

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  • Cozy Socks

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  • You're Doing Great Water Bottle

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  • The All-In Panty: 3-Pack

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  • Mesh Undies: 3-pack

    $11 Sold Out

  • Lansinoh Cooling Gel Pads

    $9 Sold Out

  • Breast Pads: 5-Pairs

    $18 Sold Out

  • Nip Protect

    $15 Sold Out

  • Scheduled C-Section Birth Box

    $145 Sold Out

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