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Peri Wash Bottle Peri Wash Bottle Peri Wash Bottle Peri Wash Bottle
Peri Wash Bottle
Peri Wash Bottle
Peri Wash Bottle
Peri Wash Bottle
Bodily Care

Peri Wash Bottle

An upside-down spray bottle to take the sting out of going to the bathroom

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Did you know 85-90% of first-time births result in vaginal tears? 

Take the sting out of bathroom visits with a spritz of warm water whenever you pee.  This upside-down and angled-spout postpartum peri wash bottle dilutes the stinging effect of urine on your sore or stitched perineum after vaginal birth, and helps direct water only to the areas that need it.  

Unlike other bottles out there, ours doesn't leak, has a retractable nozzle (for bringing with you wherever you go), and holds more water for uninterrupted soothing.

Wiping with paper is not recommended in the days after birth.  Now, keeping yourself clean and comfortable can be beautiful and tidy too.


For added comfort and soothing relief, add our all-natural cucumber peppermint Peri Spray to the water when filling your Peri Wash bottle! 


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