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The Labor & Postpartum Prep Deck

The Labor & Postpartum Prep Deck

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This deck gives you essential info about important parts of the pregnancy journey, helping you feel prepared for birth and early postpartum.

Pregnancy gets a lot of attention, but labor and postpartum are also really important. For example: Did you know certain birth positions can help reduce tearing? Or that it takes about a year for your body to recover from pregnancy?

That’s why we created this handy deck. It includes everything you need to know about 3 key topics: Labor (including doula-recommended tips and tools), the first few weeks of postpartum, and breastfeeding. And while this kind of info can sometimes feel overwhelming, our easy-to-understand cards help you feel supported and confident every step of the way.

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More about Carriage House Birth

Our expert doula friends at Carriage House Birth contributed the labor section of this Prep Deck. They have been providing care and community support since 2010, including full-spectrum birth and postpartum services, in-person and online childbirth and childcare education for families, and a renowned doula training program.

Their services: