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Belly Band
Belly Band
Belly Band
Belly Band
Belly Band
Belly Band
Belly Band
Belly Band
Bodily Care

Belly Band

Essential postpartum and C-section abdominal support

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After 9 months of pregnancy it takes many months to regain core strength. Compression and support are an incredible comfort in postpartum and in the recovery from C-Section delivery as your weakened muscles heal. Our Belly Band has two layers of velcro wraps to enable targeted compression to exactly wherever feels best for you.

Fits up to a dress size of 14.

  • Support for postpartum recovery:  Our soft belly band provides support and reduces discomfort as weakened abdominal muscles regain strength over time
  • Customizable compression:  Utilizes two layers of elastic velcro wraps to enable more targeted compression, directed to wherever you need it
  • Comfortable and lightweight back support: Whether you delivered vaginally or had a c-section, adjustable abdominal compression and back support from this postpartum essential provide much needed relief from back aches and pain
  • Hides under clothes:  Soft and supple yet lightly structured, our Belly Band tucks away under clothing for a more discreet look 
  • Tip!: Wearing a layer under the belly band provides extra comfort when you need it most

Did You Know...

Did you know your abdominal muscles can take months to regain strength after pregnancy and birth?
A soft core in recovery is reality — our Belly Band is designed to keep you feeling supported and confident in the transition. Whether to reduce discomfort after a C-section or feel held together, our Belly Band tucks discreetly under clothes and modulates compression to where it feels best.

Materials & Care

Materials: 71% Nylon, 22% Polyester, 5% Spandex, 2% Rubber
Care: Hand wash in cold water. Hang to dry.

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