Do Bigger Breasts Mean Easier Breastfeeding?

  • Breast size does not influence milk production!

What is this?

Some women — especially small-breasted ones — wonder if the size of their breasts will affect their ability to breastfeed. The answer is a resounding no! Breast size has absolutely no relationship to breastfeeding success. While breast size depends on how much fatty tissue breasts contain, breastfeeding happens in the lobules and milk ducts — the parts of the breast that produce milk and carry it to the nipples, respectively. Ultimately, lactation depends on what happens inside the breast, regardless of size.

What if your breast size increased after giving birth?

While your breasts may become bigger and fuller during breastfeeding, they will shrink back toward their pre-pregnancy size after you have breastfed for a while (for many, this starts around three months and continues to reduce further after around six to nine months) but they’ll still produce enough milk. Who knew breasts were so efficient?

When should I be worried?

No need to worry about this! If increasing milk production is a concern, however, we have a bunch of great tips here.

If you notice little to no breast size increase during pregnancy (and that's possible: up to 7% of women have a condition called insufficient glandular tissue, or IGT), that would be a red flag for low milk supply.

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