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Pass the #BirthBaton and Donate Pass the #BirthBaton and Donate
Pass the #BirthBaton and Donate
Pass the #BirthBaton and Donate

Pass the #BirthBaton and Donate

Give a gift with meaning - donate in honor of someone you love

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If you've been through pregnancy, labor, and birth and postpartum recovery, you know how hard it is. Help us pass the #birthbaton by providing resources to those who may not have them.

In recognition of inequity and disparities in the United States — especially for Black mothers — Bodily's donation program supports select non-profits and community organizations to distribute postpartum and breastfeeding bundles to benefit new parents in the Black community.

Every $20 supports one person who has just given birth. 


Maternal mortality is a crisis for Black women

Did you know that Black women die at a rate of more than 2x that of non-hispanic white women in childbirth and postpartum in the United States?  Or that the United States has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the industrialized world?

Organizations we currently support include

Love Package Project: An initiative of Chicago Birthworks Co., The Love Package Project has provided care packages to over 1,000 Black Chicago-based families since June 2020 during a time of heightened racial exhaustion.

Love Your Menses: A nonprofit promoting menstrual and postpartum equity, Love Your Menses began distributing postpartum care packages to expecting and new Black mothers in the Boston area during COVID-19.

Birth Queen: Birth Queen is an inclusive, black-owned and -operated organization that funds trainings for doulas, midwives, and lactation consultants.

Bundles include

Bundles include varying assortments of the following items:

  • Mesh Undies
  • Giant Maxi Pads
  • Peri Wash Bottle
  • Cozy Socks
  • Stool Softener
  • Breast Pads
  • Guidebook For You
  • Guidebook For Your Supporter

Why We Support This

Did you know that the Black maternal mortality rate is more than 2x that of white women in the U.S.? It is actually safer for a Black parent to give birth in various developing countries than in the United States, an OECD nation with modern technology and medicine. The majority of these deaths are preventable, which is tragic. In a world where the women’s health space is rife with myths and misconceptions and obstacles, we love that our partners — Love Package Project, Birth Queen, and Love Your Menses — also draw from clinical research and expert guidance in dispelling myths and providing information and products to help people feel prepared and able to navigate their bodies confidently. 

About Our Partners

Love Package Project

is a Chicago Birthworks Co. Initiative and is one of Bodily’s non-profit partners. In the wake of racial exhaustion and public brutalization of Black bodies in June 2020, birth and postpartum essentials and basic family items became unavailable to new parents in Chicago’s Southside. The Love Package Project is an effort led by doulas to provide carefully curated care packages for Black moms and parents in the Chicago community to ensure equitable access to products they need. Since its inception, Love Package Project has served over 1,000 Black Chicago Families.

There is no requirement to receive a care package other than identifying as Black and living in the Chicago area. Packages are distributed monthly, and those who apply for the program are also eligible for discounted doula or lactation support. 

Love Package Project and its founder Tayo Mbande, like Bodily and its founder Tovah Haim, are committed to empowering new parents around bodily value and self care and providing resources in underserved areas of women’s health. Read more about Love Package Project here

Love Your Menses 

is one of Bodily's non-profit partners, and they were founded for the very same reasons Bodily was founded: inadequacy in an underserved area of women’s health. Just as Bodily’s founder, Tovah Haim, seeks to address the dire need for information and products in the postpartum and birth recovery space, Bria Gadsden and Dr. Ebere Azumah founded Love Your Menses in response to a need for menstrual education and products in Black and Brown communities.

Through “period parties,” mentorship events, virtual global chats, and more, Love Your Menses strives to create a safe space where young women and those who menstruate can learn about their bodies, dispel the period taboo, and empower themselves and others to “become agents of change in their communities.” Like Bodily, Love Your Menses utilizes evidence-based resources and expert guidance from Black doctors and OBGYNs to not only educate young BIPOC members, but also to teach them to embrace these transition periods and their bodies!

Founded in 2019, Love Your Menses has already provided education and resources to over a thousand people who are navigating both the menstruation and postpartum spaces in locations Boston, Nigeria, Liberia and Gambia! Read more about Love Your Menses here.

Birth Queen 

is one of Bodily’s non-profit partners dedicated to educating, supporting, and empowering Black women, parents and birthing people, all while enriching the Black birth experience and saving lives.

With a goal of combatting the Black Maternal Health Crisis in the US, Rachel Nicks — a certified doula, lactation consultant, and yoga instructor (and one of Bodily’s models!) — founded Birth Queen with a clear vision: equipping Black women and birthing people with adequate resources and increasing the number of Black birth workers will lead to more positive birth outcomes.

Birth Queen hand-selects organizations it trusts to provide resources for parents from pregnancy to postpartum: like Childbirth Education Classes, Birth and Postpartum Doulas, Doula Training, Lactation Consultants, Black Centering Group Prenatal and Postpartum Care, and more. Learn more about Birth Queen here.

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